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Easily manage and book resources and assets of any kind in your Microsoft 365 digital workplace.

resource booking system for Office 365

The missing piece in your Microsoft 365 based Digital Workplace

Manage your bookable assets and resources in the most user friendly manner and book them from …

arboo — Asset and Resource Booking in Microsoft 365

arboo is your magic box to manage any kind of bookable resource like rooms, pool cars, laboratory equipment etc.

Employees conveniently access & book desired items in your SharePoint Online based intranet, Outlook or Microsoft Teams.

arboo integrates with your Office 365, Exchange  and Active Directory with a standard API and blends into the standards you’re using today.

arboo and done.

New floor plan functionality in arboo

Shared desk booking

Desk sharing with arboo just got easier. Maintain your workplaces in arboo and locate them on a floor plan.

Employees can book shared desks depending on the occupation. You can control the occupation of your offices in Corona times or if you want to reduce your office space.

Arbeitsplatz auf dem Smartphone buchen

Find out, how arboo can help you control the occupancy of your offices in COVID-19 times.

Whom is arboo for?

Location Owners

Making resources available for booking yourself or and strongly simplify, how employees book assets or resources at your location. Easily set approvers for bookings and allow employees to book additional services like catering or a moderation kit for their meetings.


Enjoy the most straightforward way of organising a meeting and booking extra services like catering from one single user interface. Easly book resources and other assets like a pinboard and a moderation kit for a meeting. Need one of the pool cars? View their photo galleries and book a car in the intranet.


Unburden the IT Department by delegating the management of resources to location responsibles or directly to the resource owners. Enable intranet / digital workplace owners to make resources available for booking from SharePoint Online pages, Teams or Outlook.

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Taking the headache out of handling and booking company resources​

People are busy and having the right place or equipment to work at hand has to be easy and intuitive. With arboo you put your resources where your people are and make it easy for them to have everything available right when they need it.

Meeting rooms

and conference rooms with lists of equipment (e.g. moderation equipment) and add-on services (e.g. catering)

Shared Desks

in corporate office and open office space locations

Temporary Equipment

like screens, boards and related services (e.g. specialist software)

Pool Cars

and related services from company car pools

You name it

lab equipment, the media carraige, anything you can imageine

First-class usability for resource and asset managers

Having local staff make assets available for booking is now as easy as it gets.

arboo SharePoint Online Calendar WebPart

Digital Workplace at the heart

Book resources directly from your intranet

Build pages in your SharePoint Online intranet yourself and just simply add the arboo WebPart to display resources to be booked on your page.

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It's this simple to manage and book resources.

arboo Select Location
Select a location

... to manage assets and resources at that location

arboo Edit Services and Equipment
Setup available services and equipment

... to attach them as extras available for a booking

Create Resources in Office 365 using arboo
Create resources

.. these are then bookable from your SharePoint Online Intranet, Outlook and Teams.

arboo Edit Resource Photos
Attach photos of the resource

... add photos of the resources

arboo Edit Resource Services and Equipment
Set services and equipment

... which are available for bookings as extras for the current resource

arboo SharePoint Online Calendar WebPart
Book resources from the intranet

... just add a WebPart to a SharePoint Online Page and let your users book any resources from the intranet.

arboo - is built for your Microsoft 365 digital workplace

Running on state of the art technology

We took special care for arboo to be and to feel as modern as the technology it runs on. arboo sits on the secure premises of your Azure environment and unites functionalities of Microsoft Exchange, Graph API and SharePoint Online to provide best usability and real value for all stakeholders involved.

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