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The Outlook room booking system with catering,
services, equipment, and seating.

Meeting Management for Microsoft Outlook

The business world today is dynamic and demands flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. In this context, managing resources such as meeting rooms, office spaces, and additional services plays a crucial role. Our room booking system for Outlook, with excellent integration into Microsoft 365 / Exchange Online, provides a comprehensive solution for these needs.

Booking overview

Keep track of all room bookings easily.

Manage your resource bookings conveniently in a central overview. Cancel reservations, block specific time periods, and easily reschedule appointments. Everything is clearly displayed on one interface.


Order food and beverages for your appointment.

Effortlessly order catering for your meetings and events directly from your calendar as part of the room booking process. With our solution, you can choose from a variety of catering options and book them easily.


Request additional services.

Whether it's technology or personnel, our platform makes booking services a breeze. You can quickly and easily select and book services, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.


Reserve devices, tech., and equipment.

Easy access to all essential equipment for your meetings and events. Our platform offers a clear and efficient way to book and manage all necessary devices, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Seating options

Discover and request suitable seating options.

Easily and efficiently customize the seating arrangements for your event using our tool. Choose from various seating options and configure your rooms individually to meet the needs of your event.

Visitor management

... to be released soon

Professional visitor management – organized quickly and easily with our add-in. Our solution simplifies guest registration and ensures your reception is seamlessly informed about your visitors.

Meeting Room Booking System with Catering

Order catering directly in Outlook

The process of ordering catering and seating options through our room booking system is designed to be both detailed and user-friendly.

Order seating options

The ability to select and order seating options is an important part of a comprehensive room booking system. Different event formats require different arrangements of seating. Whether it’s a conference, a workshop or a training session – the right seating makes a significant contribution to a successful meeting.

3. Choose Seating Arrangements
2. Reserve extras or specialized equipment

Availability of additional services

Our room booking system offers the possibility to provide a variety of additional services and objects. This function is particularly useful in companies where certain resources or services are not available as standard in every room. These include, for example, moderation cases, pin boards or support from building services.

Features for meeting room booking

Book in Outlook

Use the option of ordering extras directly in Outlook as part of your appointment planning. This means you don't have to open any additional software.

Flexible adjustment per room

Simply configure which services can be ordered in which rooms and which rules must be observed

Mapping responsibilities

Store responsibilities in the system and automatically notify those responsible and send them reports.

Adhere to lead times

Create transparency in your ordering processes by defining which products can be ordered and with what lead time.

Request data for billing

Ask for the relevant organizational unit or cost centre for the order. Ask for the number of internal and external participants

MTR display compatible

Compatible with door signs / MTR display panels - so you can see directly in front of the room when the room is free, and even make ad-hoc bookings if necessary.

Expert consultation
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Schedule an appointment with one of our experts now to experience our solution live. We will answer all your questions and demonstrate how our solution meets your needs in real-time. Use the button below to book an appointment. Upon submitting the form, an appointment with a Teams invitation for all participants will be automatically created. We look forward to meeting you!

arbooMEET – our Outlook room booking system

In today’s business world, where meetings and events are critical, an efficient and integrated room booking system like ours offers undeniable added value. The ability to reserve rooms, order catering and request additional services, all within the same platform and without media disruption, streamlines processes and increases productivity. Seamless integration with Outlook eases the transition and allows users to work in their familiar environment. In addition, process automation and system transparency improves efficiency and minimizes potential errors. With comprehensive customization options and transparent processes, our room booking system is a future-proof solution that meets the needs of modern businesses.

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