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Desk Sharing is a workplace organization where employees share the same desk or workspace at different times. In contrast to the traditional office structure, the employees do not have a permanently assigned workplace, but choose a free workplace depending on their needs and availability. Desk sharing is often used by companies to increase the utilization of their workspaces, reduce costs and promote a more flexible work environment. It is important to note that desk sharing is a very individual workplace organization as each company has different requirements and needs. The implementation of desk sharing can therefore vary depending on the size of the company, industry and work culture. It is crucial to consider the unique needs of your organization to ensure an effective and smooth implementation of desk sharing.

What is Important when introducing desk sharing​

Businesses looking to adopt desk sharing should consider a few important factors. This includes providing adequate workplaces and infrastructure to ensure all employees have the resources they need. The implementation of processes and systems for workplace administration and coordination is also important to ensure the availability of workplaces and to avoid double occupancy. In addition, desk sharing can also bring some challenges. Employees may find it difficult to adjust to the new workplace organization, especially if they are used to a permanent desk. Conflicts or confusion can also arise when several employees occupy the same position at a similar time. Companies should therefore ensure that they provide employees with sufficient information about the use of desk sharing and set up appropriate rules and procedures to ensure that it works properly. Overall, desk sharing offers companies the opportunity to modernize their workplace organization, increase flexibility and increase efficiency. However, if properly implemented and all employees involved are well informed and involved, desk sharing can be a valuable addition to any business.

Pros and cons​

We have compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of desk sharing for you, find out how you can deal with any disadvantages and reduce or even eliminate the effect of these

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Desk Sharing in Microsoft 365 with arboo

Desk sharing with arboo is easy and deeply integrated into your Microsoft 365. Enter your workplaces in arboo and position them on a floor plan. Employees can book available desks based on the configuration. In addition, you can search for colleagues, make bookings for third parties, reserve multiple bookings in one step and much more.

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