COVID-19 workplace occupancy control for hygiene guidelines in 4 easy steps

Companies face major challenges due to COVID-19

They are asking themselves how they can receive employees back on their premises and thereby comply with the hygiene regulations.

arboo helps you to control the occupation of your offices and workplaces even in the most distant branches and locations at in your country and abroad and keeps the organizational effort to a minimum.

arboo supports the containment of the corona virus.

How do you control the occupancy of offices in corona times?

1. Local responsibles

Let local managers in branches and local buildings manage resources in arboo. Each of these resources can thus be booked in arboo.

2. Show resources in your Intranet

Set up intranet pages and use the arboo calendar WebPart to display bookable resources like shared desks for the location. Place local health information on the pages.

3. Inform employees

Inform employees at the respective branch that you have to reserve / book a shared desk before working in office is permitted for the day.

4. Regular Checks

Regularly assess COVID-19 development according to local official information and the local operating situation and increase them number of available bookable shared desks accordingly.

arboo Helps to control Workplace usage during Covid-19 times

... even after Corona

In the COVID-19 pandemic, home office is no longer a privilege for many companies. In many cases it has become a must. Companies are already rethinking their office concepts and freeing up office space, because employees will more often work in their home office.

In this case, arboo also provides support and ensures that workplaces can be reserved as planned. So it is possible to keep fewer workplaces than the number of your office workforce.

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