Book Outlook resources in 3 easy steps

A quick guide to booking Outlook resources

How can I book Outlook resources?​

Welcome to our page on how to book Outlook resources! If you're struggling with reserving meeting rooms, equipment, or any other resources through Microsoft Outlook, you've come to the right place. In this page, we'll guide you through some important steps on how to book Outlook resources efficiently and effectively. We'll cover steps like selecting the appropriate resource to avoiding common booking errors and managing your bookings.

Invite a resource to an Outlook appointment

  1. Open the calendar view in your Outlook and select the desired time span for your appointment. Then enter a name/title for the appointment.
Meeting in Outlook

2. Double click on the newly created appointment, now a window with the appointment details can be seen.

If you know the e-mail address of your resource by heart, you can invite them directly to the appointment as a “participant”. To do this, type in the resource’s email address under “Required”.

Book Outlook resource

If you don’t know your resource’s email address, you can click “Location” to go to the list of resources available in the system. Under Address Book, select “All Rooms” or “All Rooms” respectively. You can then add the desired resource from the list to your selection by double-clicking it.

Book Outlook resources

3. Now click on OK”. When saving, the desired resource is invited to your appointment. A confirmation will be sent to you by email. If the booking confirmation is automatic, you will receive the answer within seconds. If a manual release of a booking is stored in the system, you have to wait for the release of the responsible person.

Invitation declined, now what? How do I find available resources?​

Invited a resource to your appointment and got a rejection in response? Outlook helps us to check which resources are still available at the desired time.

Use the so-called scheduling assistant for this. This enables you to compare the availability of the rooms in question with the availability of the other participants (if they are your colleagues) on a common interface.

Scheduling assistant

Resources must have been recorded in advance by your IT in the system (Exchange / Exchange Online).

Of course, you can only find and book resources in the system if they have been entered in the system in advance. If you cannot find your resource in the system, please contact your IT department.

You can find more information on this on the following page: “Creating and managing room mailboxes”

More use cases with arboo

arboo expands the options for booking resources and combines the booking of a resource with the option of adding other services to the booking. For example, with arboo you can add catering to an appointment or ensure that a responsible person takes care of a moderation case and a pin board for the appointment.

In addition, arboo relieves your IT department and enables specialist departments, local managers in branches, facility managers, secretariats, etc. to enter resources into the system themselves without the preparatory work of central IT. You can assign services, services and devices to all resources, which can be booked as required.

arboo offers additional added value in that these resources can not only be booked via Outlook, but also from a number of Microsoft programs such as teams or mobile apps. In addition, you can make the booking option for resources (e.g. desks) available via your SharePoint Online intranet.

Do you have any questions about arboo?​​